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Also Art Gallery, Troutdale Oregon

Moving through the world of art...

I started by experimenting with combinations of pencil/charcoal/crayons/watercolors/spray paints/ and color pencils. I settled on watercolors using both wet on wet washes and dryer opaque painting. I stayed with watercolors for a few years, then started painting with oils.

My first oil paintings were mostly medium size paintings in a realistic style. Then I painted large canvases about 5' by 6' in size. All my oil paintings were done on belgium linen with some or all palette knife work. These were stylized graphic works done with "patches" of colors, usually in heavy "impasto" paint. All oil paintings are framed alike.

I started using a SLR digital camera about 2008 and been shooting ever since. I like to try and capture light in my photography. Sunlight, reflections, man made light, light through transparent material. Flashlights and mirrors help. I've also been doing digital painting now using photo's I've taken, some times from the TV.

I have an Associate Degree in Graphic Arts with cash scholarships and

have shown and sold watercolors, oil paintings and Digital Art in the following galleries:

   Gallery of Fine Arts, Bend, Oregon

   Blue Sky Art Gallery, Bend, Oregon

   Eagles Nest Art Gallery, Bend Oregon

   Western Art Auction in Sunriver, Oregon

   Lasting Impressions Art Gallery, Laguna Beach, California

   Semion's Fine Art Gallery, Laguna Beach, California

   From my studio in Orange County, California

   Deschutes County Fair, First Place Ribbons

   Orange County Fair, First Place Ribbons

   Infussion (Also) Gallery, Troutdale, Oregon

   Art On Broadway, Beaverton, Oregon

   Raindance Gallery, Downtown Portland, Oregon

   Lake Oswego Festival of the Arts

   Beaverton Arts Festival Artist Booth

   Willamette Art Gallery Willamette, Oregon


Note: all oil paintings are originals and all Digital Art Paintings are originals with no prints to be made.

Raindance Gallery, Downtown Portland

Untitled photo

Art Booth - Originals and Prints

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