Digital Painting

Digital Paintings as I paint them are similar to oil paintings on canvas. The brushes are the same and the finished canvas print look like paintings on canvas. I paint 100% of the surface. The time I spend on a digital painting is as much as a oil painting. I have painted oil and watercolor paintings most of my life.

So, why paint in a computer, digitally? over the previous years I have done a lot of photography, as I continued with photography I used photoshop to improve the photos. Then I went further to put in different backgrounds, combining photos and actually repainting (airbrush) some car and plane photos. I found I can improve details by zooming in on the photo. This allowed me to make photos that can be printed at large sizes. Digital images can be edited until I get the look and feel I want. I have a shake in my hands now that doesn't show up in these paintings.

I then bought Corel Painter and started to paint the photos to look like oil paintings. I also found I could paint cityscapes with a graphic linear technique I have never seen before and could never have been painted by hand. It's a process that works well with buildings in a city. I now paint in two digital styles, one with linear graphics and one with oil paint brushes. In both cases I paint 100% of the surface. I use my own photos and photos I take of the TV for reference.

All paintings are printed as giclee on canvas and all paintings are framed as shown below. I make no other prints, so all are  marked 1/1 by my signature. As these are originals, the cost will be comparable to other oil on canvas artwork. Each picture is painted with a clear acrylic finish.

Certificate of authenticity is permanently attached to back of painting.

Ready to sell

I have completed over 50 Digital Paintings in the last 3 1/2 years, and ready to sell. I will put a price on each piece for sale. There will be no shipping cost to the buyer. I have excellent boxes for shipping, with extra cardboard packing. Not all paintings will be for sale.

Please email me at ( and make arrangements to pay with a check and I will send the painting to your address. All paintings will come framed.

I am not selling photography, oil paintings, or watercolor paintings at this time.

Photo taken of TV - Compared to Digital Palette Painting

Untitled photo

Applying Gloss Gel to Painting

Untitled photo

Graphic Cityscape .............................................................. Signature with Frame

Certificate of Authenticity

Untitled photo

Packaging - Triple Layers

Untitled photo